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8 Go-to Resources About Shipwreck Beach
8 Go-to Resources About Shipwreck Beach

It is Sunday! We were thinking of where we could go to soothe for a while and prevent daily routine. Well, this is the concept!!! We would go to Volimes to enjoy ourselves on swimming at the beach, the calmness and the originality of nature.

We started from the town to go to Alukes, Alukanas, Katastari and we went up to Saint Dimitrios, Geracario towards Volimes. How stunning is it? How wonderful does Zakynthos appear from the top? The view, the sea and this great breeze that makes you to want walking around or diving without believing truly elate you! We walked away from fantastic beaches of the island such as Ksigia, Makrhs Gialos and we decided to go towards the port of" Saint Nikolas of Volimes" however unexpectedly a sign" stopped" our happy to go there. We were thinking of going to" Nobelos" bio-restaurant ... we decreased from the big gate with the endless stone hall which was filled with roses and trees that were titled to the restaurant. We decreased again and the only think that we were looking around was little traditional gardens with doors and windows broad opened, jars filled with flowers. A circle of stone homes with rooms" dressed" in conventional handcrafted blankets, wooden tables and chairs, all the interior looked like a castle! It was really great! We stated to go from here and we saw the large sea as if it was poured between 2 huge mountains! What a view? We looked left, right, we didn't understand where to look initially. So great little tables covered with colorful table linens filled with candles and unusual shells which matured different plants ...

The bar was opposite! It was so graphic, full of traditional bronze antiques, the fireplace that smoked different smells, the tables of the garden under the pine trees and the substantial pines and around, it was the magic of a traditional regional village. We were suggested to get fresh fish, seafood, regional cuisine and they notified us that all products were natural by their production. We ate and drank all meals and drinks! The very best was the homemade ice-cream with homemade syrup, too! We consumed very much! Everything was beautiful!

The street behind us led somewhere and we wished to go and see. We took the stone alley which ended to a hanging iron staircase which led you to the deep blue sea. Diving and enjoy! Anybody can stay in shipwreck beach these Zakynthos hotels with traditional stone-built spaces which each of them have a separate problem, primarily through the conventional Zakynthos. Their entrance is completely from wood with traditional living rooms with handmade embroidery. The entire location is a stunning stone-built mansion. It deserves to do it to delight in the tranquility and the romance in their greatness.

Among the factors that Zakynthos brings in so many visitors is the variety of amazing hotels. Visitors who have been to the location can not reject the reality that Zakynthos hotels are well-known for their services. These hotels use all of the facilities that make them special. From the remarkable atmosphere to the multi-cultural food dining establishments, the hotels provide to their visitors memorable vacations in their remarkable facilities. Amongst the distinctive features are the mini bars that are readily available in the suites. The hotels are vital parts of the island and are close to the beach however they likewise provide to their visitors the added facility of rejuvenating pool.

Zakyntian hotels are perfect for individuals who wish to escape from their everyday crazy routine. They are bestowed with health club facilities that will help anybody to unwind and state good bye to all the physical fatigue. The clubs and bars inside the hotels are magnets of people who remain in search of a vigorous way of life. The dynamic atmosphere of the island makes the location ideal for the fun fans as well as for the ones who want to unwind.